Katherine ODell
There is a plus factor to life, always more to give, always more to learn.
Katherine ODell is a screenwriter, author, and speaker.  

I have been a spiritual seeker and teacher for many years.  
I do talks and lectures to regional groups, and my web site,
Healing Your Life, has gotten feedback from all over the world.
A radio talk show in Sydney, Australia, used one of my articles
and the title of my site for a special series on Healing Your Life.
I also publish articles in regional and special interest magazines
and collections.

In every endeavor I try to ask myself, 
"What can I learn from this?  What can I give to this?"

Every time I write one of these "About Me" pages I learn more about who I am today.  The core person who is me and has been me as long as I can remember is the same.  But what I consider important, what I do, even what I think about things, changes over time.

One constant in what I do is my writing.  Since I was a little girl I have written about what was important to me at the time.  I have written about what I have learned about life.  I have written about my hopes and dreams and fears.  I used to have a long list of fears.  I realize that my focus has changed.  I now have a long list of loves.  I have peace and happiness.

What I want to give is some of that peace and happiness to you through my writing.  I want to give a sense of awe and wonder.  I want you to understand that you make your own decisions, but the Holy Spirit is the wind at your back.

Getting here was not an easy path.  Living here is wonderful.
Come on in, the water's fine.

My career has evolved from teacher, to Scientific Software Systems Engineer, to teacher, to full time writer.  The constant in my career has always been the writing.  I have spent almost thirty years as a Directional Healer, but even in that I knew that I was doing it, partly, for what I could write about it.

My formal education has been in mathematics and computers.  I fell in love with mathematics when a college teacher showed us how to build worlds with geometry.  There was a discussion of relativity in the appendix of our book that made me go, "Wow!"  I turned to computers because it was another way to build worlds.  None of those was ever as fulfilling as building worlds with my writing.  Every time I write I build a portion of a world for someone to explore.

I have a large family.  Who I am would not be complete without them.  They helped me in the process of becoming more of me.

I live in a medium sized Southern town that was recently listed by Kiplinger's as the best place to live in the United States.  It has most of the benefits of a large town without the crowds and traffic.  

I spend a lot of time at my desk, but also get into overdrive when preparing for a talk or workshop.  It is a good balance.

I have learned that we are all seeking to love ourselves.  When we finally learn that lesson, we begin to focus outward.  We start looking for a way to serve life, a way to give back.  We become very grateful for the adventure that is this lifetime.  We want others to have these same feelings of gratitude, awe and adventure.

Blessings to you in becoming more of who you are.