Katherine ODell
There is a plus factor to life, always more to give, always more to learn.
Katherine ODell is a screenwriter, author, and speaker.  

Directional Healing Web-Site:  www.directionalhealing.com
Directional Healing

I took a class, the first of many, in Directional Healing in the early 90's. I have been an Advanced Practitioner, and teacher for several years now. It has been a fascinating, and spiritually expanding journey. 

In that first class the instructor, Susan Spalding, asked us to contemplate on why we were here. I closed my eyes and immediately saw a vision of James Earl Jones disappearing into the cornfield in the movie, "Field of Dreams." He had such a look of childish excitement and wonder on his face! The cornfield was, of course, a gate to heaven. He was to go and bring back a story about what he saw. That is still to come.

My writing is influenced by my spiritual beliefs.  I write about seeing life through spiritual eyes, and receiving messages from Soul and Spirit, in the form of visions, dreams, and intuition.  Sometimes the laws of physics are bent when your beliefs allow for miracles.  Try it and see what happens!

Steps to Finding Your Vision

Invite Soul to speak to you through your dreams and the pictures in your mind
Accept the visions when they come
Affirm their truth with Gratitude