Katherine ODell
There is a plus factor to life, always more to give, always more to learn.
Katherine ODell is a screenwriter, author, and speaker.  

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Documentthought_for_today--appreciationThe healing power of gratitude.
Documentthought_for_today--choosing_our_thoughtsYour thoughts create your life.
Documentthought_for_today--cleaninginnerhouseClearing out old patterns.
Documentthought_for_today--finding_happinessBeing happy.
Documentthought_for_today--for_my_teenage_sonWhat can I say to make a difference?
Documentthought_for_today--goals_introductionBook Excerpt: Goals part 1
Documentthought_for_today-letting_goA technique for letting go.
Documentthought_for_today-seeing_from_all_anglesSeeing from a higher viewpoint.
Documentthought for today--BalanceWhat is Balance like for you?
Documentthought for today--when God calls your nameHow has God called you?